Are you an experienced painter, or have you never touched a paintbrush in your life? Either way, we’re sure our talented head art designer can lead you through many different designs of paintings that will look great in your living room, in your office or even as a gift!

At Let’s Paint! Twinsburg, we offer art classes and painting parties in Twinsburg for individuals of all artistic backgrounds and abilities. Whether you want a “sip and paint” night out with your ladies, need a new birthday party setting for your child, or you simply want an intimate, fun date night with your loved one, our goal is to provide great experiences for individuals of all ages. View our schedule and sign up for an art class today!

In this blog post, we’ll go over five of the many things you can learn to paint when you take an art class at Let’s Paint! Twinsburg. For a list of all the designs you can learn to paint in our art studio, check out our gallery.

1. People

Lebron James

Whether you want to paint a portrait of your favorite actor or athlete, or you simply want human subjects in the painting you create, we can help guide you through painting outlines of people in our classes. Browse examples of our people paintings here.

2. Landscapes/Nature

Ranging from trees and flowers to colorful sunset landscapes, we have an array of landscapes and nature scenes for you to choose from, if you decide to attend a landscapes or nature painting class with us.

3. Buildings And Cities

In one of our buildings and cities classes, you can learn to draw the beautiful Cleveland skyline, a rendering of the Eiffel Tower, a simple red barn and so much more. Check out our buildings and cities gallery here.

4. Wine (And Such)

Whether you want to paint a picture of wine or paint pictures on wine glasses, we’ve got you covered. Scope out our wine painting gallery here.

5. Your Own Pet!

This art class is one of our favorite classes to teach. In it, you can learn to paint a picture of your very own pet! All you have to do is send us a photo ahead of time, and we’ll help you create a unique image of your dog, cat, lizard or really any animal you own — only using paintbrushes.

Check out our calendar to see when our next Paint Your Pet class is.

Schedule An Art Class At Let’s Paint! Twinsburg

No matter your artistic abilities, we’re sure you’ll love our Twinsburg art classes and painting parties. Our art studio is a welcoming and comfortable environment where you can unleash your creativity and have a blast with your family members, friends or even by yourself! We also are a wonderful setting to host your corporate event at.

Regardless of why you decide to see us, we’re positive you’ll fall in love with the painting experience, and the end result of the painting you create with your own two hands.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our staff with any additional questions you may have, and sign up for a class with Let’s Paint! Twinsburg today. Remember — you must have an appointment in order to participate in a class. You can contact our team by calling us at (330) 221-3923 or by filling out our online form.