About Our Twinsburg Painting Studio

Dr. Larry Miller, owner

Dr. Larry Miller is the owner of Let’s Paint, LLC. One day, Dr. Miller was persuaded to go to a painting class by his girlfriend, Denise, and to his surprise, he had a great time. He took his picture of a daisy home and proudly hung it in his weight room.

But his weightlifting friends wouldn’t allow him to hang the daisy in his weight room (mainly because his friends are much larger than he), so his painting is proudly displayed in the hallway of his home. Dr. Miller saw the potential for individuals and families to have a great time with family and friends painting. Dr. Miller does not consider himself to be an artist, as he is devoted to his dental practice, plays tennis competitively and holds a world record in the bench press. But he figures if he can relax and enjoy a few hours of painting, everyone can.

Amanda, studio artist

Amanda is an artist and instructor at Let’s Paint! Twinsburg. She has made art all her life. Amanda earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Crafts Degree at Kent State University, along with a minor in Graphic Design. Her experience is in a variety of mediums, including painting, textiles/fiber arts, drawing, jewelry and ceramics. She is active in the arts community by participating in juried art shows and teaching art to others. Let’s Paint! is the place for Amanda to encourage people to create beautiful masterpieces of their own.

Amanda believes that everyone is their own unique artist. She helps bring their creative visions to life, all while having a wonderful experience! In her free time, Amanda enjoys traveling, reading and bonding with her beloved animals. She is passionate about the importance of artistic expression and looks forward to inspiring people’s awareness and appreciation for art.

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Customer Reviews

Demetra L.: “I absolutely loved my experience with Let’s Paint Twinsburg. It’s was an amazing venue, great food, awesome group!!!! I will definitely schedule a class in the future for myself, family and friends!!!”

Gayle T.: “Let’s Paint was a lot of fun. I would definitely do it again.”

Kenyetta R.: “Fun and therapeutic”

Nicole B.: “You guys were great. I can’t wait to visit again. Amanda was great and patient and individually helped and was a very nice teacher.”

Lynn J.: “I had a great night out at Let’s Paint with instructor Amanda. She was friendly and inspiring – and so sweet!! What a wonderful artist and teacher she is!! And we all had a blast painting and bringing out our inner Picasso’s”

Cassi S.: “My daughter Alivia had such a blast painting with Susan! Susan was so patient with her and made Alivia feel very much at home with a paintbrush! Wish we could make this a weekly activity for her!”

Fonezetta H.: “Our instructor Amanda was very interactive, upbeat, and personable”

Autumn L.: “Amanda was friendly and outgoing and very helpful. I would definitely come back to paint with her again.”

Sharla: “Amanda was encouraging and knowledgeable.”